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Carol – New Jersey

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Carol’s story is a good case study for the concept that antibiotics are ineffective, if not worthless, in Lyme patients who have developed significant biofilm. Carol and her husband are one of the nicest couples I have met through 30 years of practicing medicine.

Prior to finding Sponaugle Wellness Institute, Carol was treated for six years by the best and brightest LLMDs in New Jersey and New York. Over that six-year period, she was prescribed multiple antibiotics. Most significant is the fact that she was prescribed four grams a day of IV Rocephin for a total of three years. Unfortunately, the Rocephin was ineffective in killing the massive Bartonella infection seen within biofilm formation* on her blood smear.

Carol-New-Jersey-both-with-biofilm 2The last three years of excessive antibiotic treatment rendered Carol essentially bedridden.

“Our Lyme treatment in 2012 was not nearly as advanced as it is in 2015. I  credit her amazing transformation in just three months* to the fact that she was truly a Christian woman who sincerely prayed for and believed for her recovery,” he said.

Carol Biofilm
*Sponaugle Wellness Institute cannot guarantee individual patient outcomes.
Treatment results will vary from patient to patient.

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At Sponaugle Wellness Institute we practice integrative medicine, combining the best of conventional and alternative medicine to focus on outcome-based treatments for patient. Our mission is to diagnose and treat the underlying cause of our patient’s illness rather than to treat their symptoms. Dr. Rick Sponaugle, Director of Sponaugle Wellness Institute, is an integrative physician with extraordinary brain expertise having treated over 8,000 patients who were suffering with various psychological and neurological disorders.a

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One thought on “Carol – New Jersey

  1. Sara says:

    What a powerful story! Amen to the power of prayer and FAITH that God will answer if we trust that He will deliver us! So many of us pray but then doubt that we will receive what we ask for. God says if we do that, don’t expect to receive anything from Him (James 1:6-8). Carol is a beautiful testimony of following God’s guidance to a TRUE doctor/healer such as Dr. Sponaugle, while still knowing where the ULTIMATE healing comes from. Thank you for all that this office does to save lives and giving people their quality of life back. Oh how I wish I wasn’t so far away, but I have faith God is not done with me yet either! :) Also, thank you for this testimony and for giving credit to God to whom 99.9% of doctors would NEVER give credit to. Your light is truly shining!

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