Lyme Disease

Lindsey’s Lyme Disease Success Story

Neurological Lyme Disease Treatment Testimonial
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Dr. Sponaugle Resolves Lyme-Induced Neurological Symptoms

Dr. Sponaugle’s Lyme Disease Treatment resolves Lindsey’s joint pains, tingling sensations, crawling sensations, anxiety, insomnia, brain fog and bouts of profound short-term memory loss in four months*.

Lindsey battled Lyme Disease, with the help of local doctors, for three years before seeking out treatment at Sponaugle Wellness Institute. Prior to arriving at Sponaugle Wellness, Lindsey had resigned herself to the expectation that it would take years to get better with herbal protocols, requiring she take some 70 supplements and vitamins a day.

Today, Lindsey has returned to her job and family with renewed energy, having regained the cognitive clarity and energy to live a healthy and happy life.

For more information about Sponaugle Wellness Institute, please see our About Us page, or contact a patient coordinator at 877-736-5305 or 727-945-9198.

For more information about Lyme Disease Treatment at Sponaugle Wellness Institute please see our Lyme Disease Treatment page, or contact a patient coordinator at 877-736-7180 or 727-945-9198.

*Sponaugle Wellness Institute cannot guarantee individual patient outcomes.
Treatment results will vary from patient to patient.


About Sponaugle Wellness Institute

At Sponaugle Wellness Institute we practice integrative medicine, combining the best of conventional and alternative medicine to focus on outcome-based treatments for patient. Our mission is to diagnose and treat the underlying cause of our patient’s illness rather than to treat their symptoms. Dr. Rick Sponaugle, Director of Sponaugle Wellness Institute, is an integrative physician with extraordinary brain expertise having treated over 8,000 patients who were suffering with various psychological and neurological disorders.a

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