can mold cause cancer?

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Mold mycotoxins can cause two types of Brain Cancer: Astrocytoma and Glioblastoma. Mycotoxins also cause severe destruction of Brain tissue. Some of the mechanisms of mycotoxin-induced neurological damage can be found further down this page.

When Mold Toxic patients begin experiencing neurological symptoms, they should immediately undergo quality treatment for mold exposure. It is important to prevent progression to neurodegenerative diseases like Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s.

Removing mold mycotoxins from the bloodstream is not sufficient treatment: It is imperative to mobilize mold mycotoxins from the Brain to the bloodstream, where they can be effectively removed.

Through the years, Dr. Sponaugle has worked diligently to design and continuously advance intravenous neurological protocols to assist in healing mycotoxin-induced Brain damage and reverse mycotoxin-induced down-regulation of Brain activity.

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