Mold Toxicity Genetics

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A subset of Americans has specific genetics that renders them unable to produce antibodies for mold toxins. These patients cannot effectively remove the toxic chemicals produced by indoor molds that are increasingly trapped in air-tight homes and buildings.

The highest prevalence of HLA-DRBQ genetics is in fair-skinned people of Northern European descent. However, at Sponaugle Wellness Institute, we have diagnosed this gene in patients of all nationalities.

As a general rule, the lighter the skin the more likely you are to have the mold toxic genetics. Those Americans who naturally produce antibodies to the toxic gases produced by indoor molds can live and work in water damaged, sick buildings without suffering the significant health issues those with HLA-DRBQ genetics will suffer. Their antibodies deactivate and remove mold toxins.

However, those patients with HLA-DRBQ genetics continuously accumulate these harmful toxins in their brain and body until they ultimately suffer serious mental and physical disorders

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