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At Sponaugle Wellness, we practice integrative medicine combining the best of western medicine and natural medicine.

The foundation of our Lyme disease treatment is to enhance mitochondrial function which increases the killing power of the immune system's natural killer cells and antibodies. This is accomplished by reversing toxin-induced mitochondrial dysfunction.

Tasha's Lyme Disease Treatment Success Story | Sponaugle Wellness Institute | Oldsmar, FL
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Before the Lyme and mold symptoms took over her life, Tasha was an avid hiker, world traveler, and active member of the Durango, Colorado community. Being forced to quit her nursing job due to brain fog and the inability to care for patients, she began to feel she had no purpose and felt into a dark world of depression and suicidal ideology.

Our typical patient has undergone treatment from multiple doctors and wellness centers, yet they have failed to regain their health. They require a more comprehensive diagnostic workup and a more intensive treatment than is available through routine “wellness” medicine.

Ben's Story of Healing from Lyme Disease and Mold Toxicity | Lyme Disease Treatment Testimonial
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Lyme and Mold weakened Benjamin’s immune system so severely that it spun him into an intense depression. He remembers seeing a plane overhead on his drive home and wishing for it to crash into his car and end his pain. As a father of 3 and a loving husband, he knew he needed to find the cause of his symptoms and get help.

Our Medical Director, Rick Sponaugle, MD is an integrative physician who attempts to prioritize treatment through quality forensic medicine. Performing an analysis of 400 numerical bio-markers in his initial consultation, Dr. Sponaugle's goal is to diagnose and treat the underlying cause of your multiple symptoms.

Chronic Lyme Disease Treatment Testimonial Sponaugle Wellness Institute
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Faced with debilitating symptoms that were affecting his business and home life, Tom went from physician to physician seeking a diagnosis. He knew something was not right, but no specialist could offer a solid diagnosis. As migraines, pain and extreme fatigue began to take hold of his life, his search leads him to the Sponaugle Wellness Institute.

Lydia's Mold Treatment Success Story
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Lydia searched for treatment for her symptoms for over 25 years. Her chronic inflammation, pain, inability to walk, numbness, hair loss, and more led to depression and a feeling that she “was going to die.” Lydia is now walking, dancing, and feeling like “life has given her a second chance” after her treatment at Sponaugle Wellness Institute.

The majority of Sponaugle Wellness patients require simultaneous treatment for multiple medical disorders including Mold poisoning, Industrial Toxicity, Gut Toxicity, Lyme Disease, Bartonella, Babesia, Protozoa infections, and intestinal parasites.

Mold Sickness Testimonial Sponaugle Wellness Institute
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Denise battled severe symptoms for 16 years. By 2014, she had become legally blind and underwent two unsuccessful surgeries to try to fix her vision. Plagued with migraines and facial palsy, Denise felt as if her life was being stolen from her. Desperate for a solution, she jumped at the opportunity to aggressively treat the disease at its source after she had her initial consultation at Sponaugle Wellness Institute. It worked, and she now has regained almost perfect 20/20 vision.

Treatment for Mold Sickness at Sponaugle Wellness Institute in Oldsmar, FL
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Savannah is full of grace, her smile and her spirit bring light everywhere she goes. She continues to thank Dr. Sponaugle and his team for the sophisticated intravenous mold toxicity treatment they used to not only save her life but to restore her to a higher quality of life. Vibrant and beautiful, Savanah is a brilliant actress and singer. She has returned to making movies.

Wheelchair Success Stories

At Sponaugle Wellness Institute, we believe truly “holistic” wellness treatment should not only heal the body, it should also heal the brain!! The brain is our most complex organ. Optimizing brain function in sick patients requires extraordinary knowledge of brain physiology, modern brain science and the expertise derived from treating thousands of patients with brain disorders.

We succeed where others have failed. At Sponaugle Wellness Institute, patients who have been bedridden or in wheelchairs for years have hope that they will be able to walk again. We cannot enable every patient we treat to come out of their wheelchair. However, 35 chronic Lyme disease patients have come out of their wheelchairs at Sponaugle Wellness Institute.

Click on the link below to read these "Wheelchair Success Stories" and their journey to healing from wheelchair to walking.

The Gut-Brain Connection

At Sponaugle Wellness, we use PET scans and extensive lab testing to create a precise diagnosis and individualized treatment plan.


After treating thousands of patients, Dr. Sponaugle has proven time and time again a correlation with imbalances in the gut biome, and how brain chemistry is impacted, leading to the poor performance of bodily systems and a suppressed immune system.


When the gut is in a state of dysbiosis, meaning that there is an imbalance in the ratio of good to bad bacteria, inflammation results. This inflammation destroys the cells lining the intestinal tract, leading to a condition known as increased intestinal permeability, or leaky gut.


A leaky gut will allow undigested food particles and toxins (both microbial toxins and environmental toxins) to enter into the bloodstream.


The immune system then responds to these particles and toxins as foreign invaders, which is the normal response of the immune system. This response triggers further immune dysregulation and inflammation, which can travel throughout the body manifesting in many different areas, including the brain.” 

Gut-Brain Connection
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Suzanne Somers Chemistry of Addiction
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Rapid Detox | Rapid Opiate Detox & Alcohol treatment | Dr. Sponaugle | Lyme Disease Treatment | Sponaugle Wellness Institute | Oldsmar, FL | Doctor
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Dr. Phil Sponaugle Wellness Institute
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Real Housewives star Yolanda Hadid (Yolanda Foster) received treatment at Sponaugle Wellness Institute for Lyme Disease. She opens up about it in her new book, “Believe Me.”

Suzanne Somers Recommends Dr. Sponaugle

Suzanne Somer’s interviews her granddaughter Violet about her struggle with Lyme and her successful treatment at Sponaugle Wellness Institute

Suzanne Sommers Gut Toxicity Treatment Clinic in Florida

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Treatment results will vary from patient to patient.