Dr. Sponaugle Brings Another Canadian Patient Out of Wheelchair

Alisha Shares Her Story in the Video Below

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Alisha’s Story

By the time she had entered high school Alisha had already been suffering with chronic fatigue and weakness for most of her life.

A Canadian resident, Alisha had been treated for MS, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Arthritis, but to no avail. Terrible muscle spasms and progressively worsening pain eventually led to her commitment to a wheelchair.

For three months, she was bound to the chair, until, at 18-years-old, she came to Sponaugle Wellness for treatment.

In fourteen weeks Alisha exited treatment able to return to active exercise again for the first time in three years*. Alisha was able to return home and school no longer needing the wheelchair that she had arrived in.

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